We made our first long term travel together through North and South America on two bikes from 2007-2009.

After returning to Switzerland, we started a "normal" life again, we had a really nice appartment near the border to Germany, we got well paid jobs, me working in a law office in Zurich and Thomas at the Swiss Railway. All went well, but ... trapped in routine we missed something...

we did not miss rain or sleeping in a cold tent, but - most important - we missed the freedom while traveling and riding our bikes, meeting new people and not knowing where you are going to end up and what experience you will make the next day...we missed life on the road... the next time to travel had to be found....

In winter 2012/2013 we backpacked through Southeastasia and in 2013/2014 we traveled with a little Mitsubishi Bus L 300 4X4 with a rooftop tent through the Middle East and Southern Africa (see the blog)!

Due to health issues we are not able to ride motorcycles any longer, one dream is not possible anymore... before we have to realize that another dream will not be possible any longer, we decided to leave security of a well-paid job, appartment, social surroundings etc. again...� and take the risk for our next adventures...we spent 11 months traveling with a Mitsubishi Delica through most of Australia 2016 and now we are exploring Southamerica 2017 with a Mercedes Sprinter!

More at tuaontour/milestoride

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