After our last big trip in 2007/2009 where we travelled with two different bikes (Thomas on a Honda Afrika Twin and myself first on a BMW F650GS, later we sold the BMW and bought a new Kawasaki KLR in Utah) we are now riding the same bikes.The new bikes should be light (especially for me handling the weight) and have enough power to ride offroad, should be reliable etc...

our choice fell on the KTM 690!


As Thomas' tailbone is still dislocated, riding a motorcycle is not advisable anymore... that is why we decided to make the next trip to Africa with a car. We bought this nice green little Mitsubishi L300 4x4 which was already higher ...and went through the Middle East and southern Africa with it... returning back to Europe, we sold the Mitsubishi and our KTMs and will have to choose another vehicel for our next trip...


more pictures of the Mitsubishi and our reconstructions you find here.

in Australia we had a 1988 Mitsubishi Delica


in Southamerica we are currently traveling with Mercedes Sprinter